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Therefore Matthew had to be written before he died.

"Papias claimed that Mark, the Evangelist, who had never heard Christ, was the interpreter of Peter, and that he carefully gave an account of everything he remembered from the preaching of Peter."7 Generally, Mark is said to be the earliest gospel with an authorship of between A.

We add to this the fact that Acts does not include the accounts of "Nero's persecution of the Christians in A.

This means that the gospel of Luke was written within 30 years of Jesus' death.

Robinson gave a paper to an Oxford Conference on the Gospels, entitled “The New Look on the Fourth Gospel.” In it he suggested that if a new look on John existed, it could be distinguuished from an ‘old look.’ He therefore set out what he regarded as the five presuppositions belonging to critical orthodoxy in the first half of the twentieth century so far as the interpretation of John’s Gospel was concerned, and tried to demonstrate that each was in need of and in the process of re-examination.

This state of affairs held sway until only about two decades ago.

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The historian Papias mentions that the gospel of Matthew was originally in Aramaic or Hebrew and attributes the gospel to Matthew the apostle.5 This would mean that if Matthew did write in Aramaic originally, that he may have used Mark as a map, adding and clarifying certain events as he remembered them.The earliest quotation of Matthew is found in Ignatius who died around A.By these dates they argue that the New Testament documents, especially the Gospels, contain mythology.The five presuppostions listed by Robinson are as follows: (I) That the fourth evangelist is dependent on sources, including at least one of the Synoptic Gospels.

Most researchers place the date of Jesus’ death at Passover time around the year 30.

Baur and the “Tbingen School” had proposed around 1835.

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